YouTube Channel Manager – Bowlake Music & coding inc. – Lagos

Position Overview
We are seeking a skilled and creative YouTube Channel Manager to oversee and optimize the performance of our company’s YouTube channel. As a YouTube Channel Manager, you will be responsible for developing and implementing strategies to drive engagement, increase subscribers, and enhance the overall visibility and growth of the channel. This role requires a deep understanding of YouTube best practices, content optimization, audience engagement, and analytics.

Channel Strategy and Management:
Develop and execute a comprehensive channel strategy aligned with the company’s goals and target audience.
Optimize video titles, descriptions, tags, and thumbnails for improved discoverability and click-through rates.
Monitor trends and competition to identify new content opportunities and maintain a competitive edge.
Create and maintain a content calendar to ensure consistent, high-quality uploads.
Collaborate with cross-functional teams to align YouTube channel initiatives with broader marketing campaigns and strategies.
Content Creation and Optimization:
Work closely with content creators to brainstorm, plan, and develop compelling video concepts and formats.
Ensure content adheres to YouTube’s guidelines, copyright regulations, and brand standards.
Provide guidance on video production best practices, including scripting, editing, and visual elements.
Conduct regular audits of the channel to identify areas for improvement and implement optimization strategies.
Audience Engagement and Community Management:
Foster a vibrant and engaged YouTube community by responding to comments, messages, and user interactions in a timely and professional manner.
Monitor channel analytics and audience insights to gain a deep understanding of viewers’ preferences and behavior.
Develop and implement strategies to increase subscriber base, improve viewer retention, and encourage engagement through likes, comments, and shares.
Collaborate with influencers, partners, and relevant stakeholders to maximize brand exposure and reach new audiences.
Analytics and Reporting:
Track and analyze key performance metrics, including views, watch time, engagement rates, and audience demographics.
Provide regular reports on channel performance, trends, and insights to inform decision-making and optimize content strategy.
Utilize data-driven insights to identify opportunities for growth, content improvement, and audience targeting.

Bachelor’s Degree in Marketing, Communications, or a related field (preferred).
Proven experience managing and growing successful YouTube channels, preferably in a professional or corporate setting.
In-depth knowledge of YouTube’s platform, best practices, and algorithmic trends.
Creative thinking and a passion for digital content creation.
Proficiency in video editing software and tools (e.g., Adobe Premiere Pro, Final Cut Pro).
Strong understanding of SEO principles and content optimization strategies.
Excellent communication and interpersonal skills.
Analytical mindset with the ability to interpret data and make data-driven decisions.
Strong project management and organizational skills.

Method of Application
Interested and qualified candidates should send their Resume, Portfolio (if applicable), and any relevant links to your YouTube channel or projects, to: using the Job Position as the subject of the mail.
Note: This job description serves as a general overview of the responsibilities and qualifications required for the role of a YouTube Channel Manager. Actual job duties and requirements may vary depending on the specific needs and goals of the organization.

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