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The purpose of this document is to outline the terms of reference (ToR) for Delivery of a Non-technical survey Training in Northeast Nigeria.

Non-Technical Survey Training
Non-technical survey is typically the starting point for the assessment of land, its categorization as a suspected or confirmed hazardous area (SHA/CHA), and the associated processes of cancelling, reducing or clearing land for productive use. It involves a thorough investigation of new information about possible Explosive Ordnance (EO) contamination, or a previously recorded hazardous area, generally without the use of mine action assets inside the suspected area. It’s usually considerably less costly than technical survey and clearance, yet it can have the greatest impact of all the activities associated with the definition and management of contaminated land.
For this reason, NTS Training should give the full preparation for the DRC/DDG NTS Teams based in Northeastern part of Nigeria to allow them to identify and categorize right evidences provided by affected communities that may enhance the report of CHA/SHA or cancellation.
This training needs to follow the IMAS 08.10, 1.6 DDG SOP and other standard related to NTS operation.

The requirement:
NTS Training package
There is a requirement for an NTS Training course to be held in Northeast Nigeria. Much of the problem with explosive ordnance (EO) is with IED, and yet, at present, RE in Nigeria is based on an ‘emergency RE’ approach using generic images of EO. It needs to be updated and separate work will be undertaken to improve current RE provision by DDG RE teams.
This ToR covers the design and provision of an NTS Training Course. The training package should be based on IMAS 08.10, 1.6 DDG NTS GOP, DDG Nigeria NTS SOP (Draft Version) and 1.8 DDG Training GOP. This NTS Training package needs to be adapted to the Nigerian context and the needs of deployment of teams in Northeast Nigeria. It’s expected that the training can be delivered during the lapse of 03 weeks (15 working days) and consisting of the following topics/lessons:
· Introduction to Mine Action and NTS
· Introduction to Standards SOP’s.
· Community Liaison – Efficient Communication
· GPS training and GIS field approach
· Defining direct and indirect evidences
· Mine Laying / Patterns / EO Basic Recognition
· NTS Process
· Impact Assessment
· Reporting

Training material
A complete set of NTS training material is required, including:
· A training management plan (TMP) for Non-Technical train-the-trainer
· PowerPoints for each class
· A course programme
· Outline lesson plans
· Notes for practical lessons
· A list of required equipment
Time required
It is estimated that four weeks will be required for this work, all of them in country.
Initial preparation of NTS training material (review and amend the training material and TMP):
1 week (Maiduguri/Yola)
Delivery of Non-Technical Survey Training 3 week (Maiduguri/Yola)

The complete ToR and the consultancy package can be requested via mail to:
Tender process
All applicants must submit:
· Detail proposal about how you will undertake the assignment, detailing methodology and other processes (no longer than ten pages) in English
· CVs of applicant(s) and qualifications/background to undertake the training
· Fees / Costs of consultant filled in the request for quotation template attached
· Proposed timeline
· Proof of registration as a Consultancy Company.
· The supplier profile and registration filled in and stamped
· The request for quotation and all the documents required must be sent by 23rd September 2019 through email to:
· For any clarification/question about the tender, send a mail to . Do not send your offer to this address mail, otherwise you will be disqualified.

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